February 27, 2022

Stop devoting all your time to maintaining your turf and enjoy life with your loved ones.

There’s a lot more than just trimming the turf to care for a traditional lawn. A green yard requires mowing, disposal of weeds, fertilizing, seeding, watering, etc. We advise looking at synthetic turf if you're willing to put an end to spending so much time on your lawn and focus on making the most of your additional time with your loved ones.


Synthetic turf can improve the value of your property, give back precious free time, and still look like a traditional lawn. Following are a few top benefits of installing a Southwest Greens artificial turf.

First rate Materials

Synthetic grass is marketed as durable, but its quality depends heavily on which materials are used. Because Southwest Greens functions under Shaw, Inc., all business choices are executed locally with conscious consideration for those most impacted by the decisions. The result is a quality product that meets Shaw's production yardsticks and yet offering clients a wonderful experience.


Owing to our innovative R&D expertise, Southwest won’t lighten in the sun or get compressed when too many people walk over it. Constructed in the USA by Shaw Industries and installed using systems proven for performance, you will experience the satisfaction and support of an international expert while working with local, value-minded experts.

Easy to Maintain

One of the best ways to reclaim your weekends is to set up synthetic turf on your property. Your free time need not be devoted to mowing your lawn or pulling weeds from your yard. It will also eliminate the need for hydrating and fertilizing. leisure and money can be better spent on other renovations or entertainment once your synthetic turf is installed.


Bugs and allergy-causing plants love lawns. Watering and fertilizing lawns not only make them look wonderful, but they also attract organisms that adore grass. Because artificial turf isn't natural, it wards away bugs, weeds, and pests naturally. Small organisms won't stick around because there is no food, and weeds cannot root themselves deeply into the grass either.

Tidy Lawns

In case you install synthetic grass in your backyard, you’d no longer have to worry about mud-spattered footprints and paw prints trailing into your house, too. There won’t be any mud pools for your children and pets to splash in, dogs cannot dig it up, and grass stains will be gone when you say farewell to traditional grass.

Awesome Appeal

Artificial turf makes it possible to have a impeccably trimmed lawn without investing a ton of time, water, and chemicals. You can select from our color catalogue and variety of grass blades. Our experts will help you craft a completely custom-made appearance for your property. You can enjoy a lovely yard effortlessly, even in the growing season with Southwest Greens.

Stays Cool

Everyone knows that synthetic grass can get hot. But, thanks to our innovative turf infill, HydroChill®, you and your loved ones can make the most of the yard while cooling off in comfort. This infill provides an average cooling range of 30-50 degrees and functions naturally when drizzled by irrigation, rainfall, and dew.


If you’re seeking the best grass for playing lawn games on, you’ve come to the right place. Southwest Greens has for years, been offering synthetic turf products that focus on people, not lawn care. Here are just a few of the best backyard lawn games you can enjoy.

  • Toss Games like bean bag toss, ring toss, or ladder toss
  • Bocce can be fun for the young and old.
  • Ball Games like soccer, kickball, or baseball
  • Croquet is easy to set up and exciting for people of all age groups
  • Water Balloons fights are a summer classic
  • Capture the flag is a fun option for larger groups
  • Obstacle courses can be set up with just about any object
  • Spikeball is easy to set up and simple for players to pick up on at once
  • Kan Jam has the strategy of horseshoes with the fun of a group sport
  • Backyard Mini Golf is simple to organize and can lead to hours of fun
  • Lawn bowling is another super sport for the entire family


Are you prepared for less messy, spots, pests, less maintenance, and to have better fun on your lawn? Contact us today to get a free quote.